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Release Management

We specialize in release management, ensuring you have the necessary requirements, understanding, and deliverables to get your game through certification on almost any platform.

We simplify the process of getting your game through completion to launch by providing concrete, tangible steps along the way while maximizing efficiency and productivity. Our veteran team has vast knowledge of what is required to pass, saving you time, energy, brainpower and mistakes.

Release Manegement Logo of mountain with finish line

But what is Release Management?

Whether you've never released a game, or have done it many many times, our team is here to help guide you through the process and offload some of work and stress from your team, so you can focus on what you need to. Our team has experience in many areas, which is necessary to navigate the complications of releasing a game on time (and hopefully on budget!) We want to help you see that through.

Our team looks at each project through an all-encompassing lens, providing us with valuable insight that maintain the original vision and integrity of the game while keeping to your desired timeline.

Release Manegement Logo of mountain with finish line


Plastic Fern are experts in porting your game onto almost any platform. By cultivating optimal performance and putting user-experience first, we work to ensure that the game remains true to the authentic experience the developer intended to create. Our team is integrated and multi- faceted, so you don’t need to further outsource.

Looking at each project with a holistic lens, we pride ourselves fostering strong relationships with the teams we work with and cultivating open, honest, and thorough communication for efficiency and productivity. We know game dev inside and out and are able to clearly communicate deadlines and timelines, to ensure you’re hitting your desired goals.

Release Manegement Logo of mountain with finish line

Audio, Music, and SFX

With our vast background in usability and game design, we have a strong understanding of what a game needs from an audio perspective to cultivate the desired player experience. We deeply immerse ourselves in every game we work on to do the best job possible of adding sound and

music that elevates the game. We’re able to integrate the audio with any of our other services to offer a fully comprehensive and holistic game vantage point.

Release Manegement Logo of mountain with finish line

Quality Assurance

We don’t look at QA as an afterthought but rather as a truly integral part of game dev. Our highly experienced team has a very strong understanding of common game pitfalls and set the quality bar for every project very high.

While many look at quality assurance testing in isolation, we look at each game from a integrated perspective and strive to create the best user experience possible. We understand the needs of every platform and communicate timelines, and requirements clearly and efficiently with you.

What Does a General Timeline Look Like?

We've created a general timeline to help developers plan ahead and schedule accordingly for what they might need. Our services can start as early as the planning stages with developers, all the way through post-release and everything in between.

Our flexibility and vast experience can be helpful for short-term or well as long-term needs, to ensure your game gets to where it needs to be-- in the hands of the players!

What release management is and isn't

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