We’re experts in what you need to
release your game.
From porting to release management, our experienced team provides personalized and premium skills, insights, and deliverables to demystify the process of launching your game.


Release Management
  • A step-by-step process to ensure you get through cert on almost any platform
  • Getting your build packaged and ready to pass compliance
  • A vast understanding of timelines and requirements for most platforms
  • Saves you time, brainpower, and mistakes

  • Programming and getting your build ready on almost any platform
  • An integrated team with no outsourcing needed
  • Meets and exceeds timelines to get you to your goal
  • Platforms include: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and others!

Quality Assurance
  • Premium testing with a high quality bar
  • A diverse and experienced team that immerses themselves in your game for a more holistic perspective
  • Understanding and communicating deadlines, needs, and requirements for each platform

  • Our team deeply immerses ourselves in every project, looking at it from an integrated lens and giving you audio that fits your game’s need.
  • A strong background in usability and game design, which ensures audio that enhances the game’s experience
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Who We Are

Plastic Fern is a multi-faceted studio that provides tools, insights, and deliverables to help you ship your game. From porting to release management, audio and QA, our veteran team has vast experience across nearly all platforms, and understands the intricacies involved with launch. We believe in building relationships collaborative with our clients, fostering clear and honest communication while saving you time, money, mistakes, and hassle.

Our Values


We work with you to understand the best solutions for your game, and communicate those clearly to help maximize time and budget.

User Experience First

We believe in looking at the game from a holistic lens, ensuring that our work bolsters the authentic player experience you’re looking to create.


An honest relationship is paramount to success. We will always be honest with you and with ourselves about timelines, concerns, or questions that arise.

Working on Projects We Believe In

We know that if we work on games, and with companies we believe in you’ll get our best work product. We’re particularly passionate about games and companies that bolster underrepresented voices.

Employee Well-Being

We’re firmly against crunch culture and know that our employees deserve to be compensated fairly for the work they do in order to create a culture we believe in and provide our best work possible.



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