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Plastic Fern Studios

We offer release management, platform, audio, and QA/UX services so you can focus on what you love about game development

Who We Are

Development Services You Need

We are Plastic Fern Studios, an indie development and dev services studio based in San Diego! We help studios succeed in crafting their experiences for players while also developing our own unique games. We pride ourselves on ethical work practices and supporting others who do the same.

Experience You Deserve

Plastic Fern Studios was started by Jay Fernandes, a release expert and audio professional with over 9 years industry experience and 30+ shipped titles. Our team members' past experience (totaling over 30 years) can be seen in projects created by The Behemoth, Supergiant Games, Campo Santo, Fullbright, Edmund McMillen, and many others.

We're Here to Help

Our passion for our work and the player's experience is the driving force in helping you achieve your game’s full vision. Our services currently include QA/UX, development, console release consults, project management, and all things related to audio including SFX, music production, and implementation. If you need something not listed, we can probably help with that too!

We're working on a lot of interesting games with some pretty cool people!

What we do

We offer a variety of services to help make sure the process of making your game is as painless as possible and that the end product is something users can play and enjoy. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate into any workflow from pre-production to post-launch in order to help. Reach out to us if you need something not listed or have questions!

Quality Assurance

  • PS4™, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam PC Platforms
  • Functional testing to squash any crashes, graphics, or other issues
  • Console compliance testing for TRCs, XRs, and Lotcheck
  • We can help manage external teams, porting houses, internal teams or processes
  • Reports, bug database triage, risk assessments, and any other info you need to make the right decisions
  • Need your own QA team internally? Let us help setup your workflow + train your team


  • Have a professional help determine any possible issues with how a player interacts, understands, or generally enjoys your game
  • Accessibility feedback to make sure your game is on the right track with considerations for cognitive disabilities, low or no-vision, auditory considerations, or other factors
  • We offer Design, UX, Accessibility, + QA consults to make sure users experience the game how you want them to
  • We can help playtest, survey, and study how users play your game then turn it into useful and actionable information for you

Sound Design

  • Custom sound effects (SFX) for your videogame, website, or trailer
  • Years of experience creating memorable and a unique soundscapes for games
  • Integration into engine using code or middleware into many popular engines (FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal)


  • Custom made or licensable music for your videogame, website, or trailer
  • No matter the genre, we can help make something amazing sounding to fit the direction and feel of your experience
  • Whether a short loop or custom music system, we have the technical knowledge to help

Get in touch

Let's talk about your next project, help you finish out a current one, or chat about what we can help your game with!