Plastic Fern 2020 Recap Myths vs Truths About Game Services


As we wrap up this very weird year, we want to say thanks for all your support. Getting to work with many of you and on some of our favorite games has been the highlight of our 2020!

As we head into 2021, we wanted to share a look back at our 2020 and what we worked on and accomplished as a studio. We also wanted to provide you some common myths vs. truths about release management, porting, QA, and localization that may be helpful to you as you’re planning for your game launch in 2021 and beyond. Next year, we’ll be delving deeper and providing further insights into each of these areas in our newsletter, discussing costs, expectations and more. —-

Release Management Information

Porting Information

QA Information

Localization Information

There are common misconceptions when it comes to a wide range of games services. Many folks think they aren’t needed, are too cost prohibitive, don’t need to be an integrative part of the game dev process, or are services that they can only get if working with a publisher. However, not only are most of these services essential in some form, they’re also services that you can have options with in terms of how you get them done.


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