Plastic Fern 2021 Recap


Games 2021

We’re reflecting on 2021! There were a lot of ups and downs but the most important part is that our all-remote team is healthy and covid-free ♥

Check out some games we worked on or released in 2021, and keep reading for more fun stats about the year 😁

Year in Review 2021

We worked on a ton of things!! (As well as some we can’t talk about!). 2021 was a year of porting, QA, release management, consulting, and even some work on our very own game🤫 (which we’ll share more when the time is right)

Year in Review 2021 - 2

We worked on almost every platform you could think of this year (both newer and older)

We had the fun of revisiting old friends as well as making new ones

We sent out some neat resources (I’ll link them at the end too)

Plus we hired more awesome people to our team!

Year in Review 2021 - 3

We of course had office pets drop in on calls and pics shared in chat (they are all adorable for real)

Plus we’re remotely operating in over 4 states 😲 (not counting any other teams etc we work with!)

Year in Review 2021 - 4

Since the year was so busy, we sent over 70,000 messages in chats and when looking at our hours spent working on these cool games, it was OVER 9000 (yes I know, sorry lol).

Most importantly thanks to our wonderful team and all of our friends who made 2021 one of our biggest years to date as we roll into Plastic Fern’s 4th anniversary happening next month ♥♥


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