Some Things We've Learned in 5 Years


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It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years already! That’s right, Plastic Fern Studios has been around for more than 5 years now working on some of the coolest games with some very cool people and we’ve learned a ton (both good and bad) from these experiences and thought it would be worth sharing a few. I tried to pick some different aspects from development to how I run this company from a value standpoint and hope you find it interesting. Thanks for all the support!
Jay Fernandes, Director

Check out just some of the cool things we’ve worked on since we opened! (With quite a few more to come!)

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So how do we do it?


Since many of our team have worked at a variety of places leading up to Plastic Fern Studios, we had a lot of thoughts about what did and didn’t work for us personally in past. We aimed to try something different and settled on a few key things. Mainly, we wanted to be sustainable and employee centered. This mean no ebb and flow of hiring/firing for projects, fair pay, benefits, and a focus on a work environment that feels safe and honest. It came with a few hurdles and a lot of people telling us “You know you don’t legally have to do that” in an effort for us to “save costs” (at the expense of employee well-being in my opinion). Here are some key things about our studio:

What we try to keep in mind is that If something is SO important that someone else needs to answer it immediately, then a core process has failed somewhere and that needs to be addressed.


We’ve also learned a lot about how best to support teams and get the most out of the projects we get the pleasure of working on. A few ways we try to make these successful is by collaboration with clear goal setting and transparency/communication. We believe this is paramount to successful relationship building both internally as well as with our clients. We aim to set clear expectations and work towards the same collective goal to achieve results.


Platforms! What many would argue is our main specialty is also one of the hardest things to consistently get right and takes constant work to make sure things are up to date as well as old knowledge shared with new team members.

The good news is that the more we work on platforms the better it gets (generally!). This is partially because we have a lot of shared knowledge of past failures and successes but also because we specifically do things to make sure the next game we work on can immediately benefit from a previous one. This includes:


We have successfully built a small expert team in these 5+ years to do what we do. There are a few times where we could have gone a very different direction and I specifically chose not to since it went against my vision of a sustainable company. We are what I would call a “slow-growth” company and take hiring/growing very seriously, including turning down work that would require “fast-growth” or multiple hires since it would change many dynamics in the company. We care about:

All in all, it’s been a wild ride through some of the worst times (looking at you 2020+) and we’ve managed to come out the other end with an incredible team working on some fantastic games, and we’ve learned a lot a long the way.


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